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The next image (below left) is of charred fossil wood; and beside that is intact fossil wood (Note biro gives size perspective).

The bottom two images are of basalt with holes from former gas bubbles (left) and visible fossil tree roots in siltstone.

Pieces of the basalt samples from the outcrop and the drill core were also sent to analytical laboratories, for major, minor, and trace element analyses to establish the character of these rocks, but mainly for radioactive ‘dating’ analyses.

Potassium-argon (K-Ar) ‘dating’ was performed on the two outcrop samples by the AMDEL laboratory in Adelaide (Australia), while one of the two outcrop samples and two drill core samples, one being in contact with the fossil wood, were ‘dated’ by Geochron Laboratories. When subsequently questioned regarding the limits of the analytical method for the radiocarbon and any possibility of contamination, staff at both laboratories (Ph. scientists) were readily insistent that the results, with one exception, C results (last column in Table 1), consistent with the carbon being organic carbon from wood, and indicating no possibility of contamination.

Those on-site at the time speculated that there had been two distinct trees, partly standing, still organic in nature, and thus not petrified.

The imprint of a leaf was also discovered within the basalt, which was also regarded as remarkable, remembering that the enclosing rock was once molten lava erupted at 1000–1200°C (about 1800–2200°F).

Young Earth creationists can draw some very interesting conclusions from the data you present.

When miners were sinking a ventilation shaft for the new Crinum Coal Mine in Central Queensland in 1993 (see map below) they unearthed a rare find.

After digging through the thin surface sands and clays, followed by basalt, 21 metres (almost 69 feet) down they found pieces of wood entombed in the bottom basalt flow.

Since the nature of the samples require that the wood and basalt are the SAME age, then if we assume non-equilibrium C-14 levels.

the 30k y/o dates for the wood become more in line both with the Bible and previous fossil C-14 dates.

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Yes we've been to Colchester Castle a million times.