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J114 Marsters Angel115 Sethx Marissa116 Rogue_Faerie117 missy7280118 shutterbug579119 mild toxicity120 Spikes Angel121 jessica20121984122 Childe of the Daywalker123 Angel2005124 Jillrenay125 Cool Girl126 Shipperaholic127 Em2333128 jcdenton129 dragonflyfaith130 sugarbabes131 Jean-vic132 Emarie133 gilmorecrzy134 Cordelia Kate135 AC_Love136 JDZachfan137 Emily138 DADS139 Flagpolesitta43140 Dance With Life141 cliffy spuffy dreamer142 Sark and Draco Lover143 JBOO46144 ami_77145 Mischalicious146 True Daisy Lover147 bian.carsan.148 ? You've seen the good,and the not so good."Cordy: "Just like you have in me. Because it will take awhile for Angel to become human, but she knows he will.

v Han149 Lemariz150 fairy_kiss151 LALEY-FOREVER152 Frozeninside153 x-love-adam-brody-x154 joshuazgirl128155 .*.~. And for the record: the good I've seen far outweighs the bad."- Offspring Angel spins around, yelling: "No, you're not listening! She is a rich girlfrom Sunnydale who likes to play superhero. Because she promises to be there for him when he shanshus. ~ Judgment 2x01Because Cordy experiments with new tastes for Angel's blood.

Because she offers him a donut with cream filling Because she buys him art supplies Because Angel is her "really good friend". Because Angel tells Gunn Cordy means "a lot" to him.

It is afraid."Angel: "I'm more afraid of her dying than she is. Because Cordy tries a way to make Angel want things in life.

"Cordy: "There's got to be some fun in our lives."Angel: "Hmm - I like a ski condo."Cordy: "Sure. Because Angel hassles her date in a slightly jealous/protective way. Because Cordy's Angel's seer, there to help him in his mission. ~ Expecting 1x12Because Cordy bakes at Angel's place.

- College fund - pay our bills - and rent a ski condo in Aspen."Angel: "Ski condo? Chipmunk robots on ice..."Angel: "Chipmunk robots... - on ice..."- Provider Angel: "What have I got to offer her? Because of all the touching with the hands during the excercism scene Because Cordelia grabbed and clung to Angel when the thugs came into her apartment ~ Rm w/a Vu 1x05Because she is upset with him for not being sensitive to her feelings Because he tries to make up with her by trying to act more sensitive Because Angel wants to hug Cordy. ~ Sense and Sensitivity 1x06Because he scrambles to stand when she comes into the room Because Angel checks out Cordy in her black dress. Because the conversation at the end when Cordy says she knows she has people who care about her.

~ The Ring 1x 16Because of the patch up scene; she worries that he could get hurt again.

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When she finds a clue to the world she had been living in she finds Angel alone in a dark room, suffering from the visions that were meant to be hers. ~ Disharmony 2x17Because Angel holds Cordy during and after her horrific vision as she cries.Deep Down After being entombed and sent to the bottom of the ocean, Angel's sanity is quickly slipping away from him and he starts to dream. In this case Cordelia has just been promoted to Vision Girl and she is doing everything in her power to get rid of "it". Cordelia: "I never doubted for a minute you'd find me."- Parting Gifts Season Two Cordy: "Yeah. It's gonna be a long while until you work your wayout - but I know you well enough to know you will... (she jumps off her chair and away from Angel) Personal bubble! Too bad it takes a gunshot wound to make you give a crap. Because he doesn't want her to get famous and leave him.In this dream he relives the night Cordelia asked him to meet her at the bluff, only this time everything is right. Cordelia presses her lips to Angel's and he quickly pulls away, claiming she is acting out of greif; an act we would all agree he regrets later down the road."Did you feel anything? There's not actually a cure for that."Cordelia: "Right."- City of... And I'll be with you until you do."- Judgement Cordy: "See his file? Because Cordy gets Angel out of a possibly embarrassing situation. Because Cordy doesn't want Angel to die by shutting off the device. ~ Hero 1x09Because Angel watched Cordy and worries how she's doing after Doyle's death. Because Cordy tells Angel he doesn't have to be stoic about Doyle's death with her. Everything is gonna be okay."- Birthday(Cordelia and Angel are lying in bed with Connor.)Cordy: "I'm just saying a boat."Angel: "No. College fund and pay our bills and put a down payment on a boat."Angel: "We're not getting a boat."Cordy: "Hmm, they're fun."Angel: "They're expensive. Because Cordy tells Angel: "Now I expect a guy to be all brave and interesting. "Because they looked coupley during the scene when Harry and Richard first show up Because Cordy likes the way Angel's clothes look on him.~ The Bachelor Party 1x07Because she was worried about his brooding after Buffy's visit. Because Angel probably cleaned up the mess she made when she was baking Because it looks like Cordy is wearing one of Angel's shirts.

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I think it doesn't matter where on the butch/femme or gender spectrum you appear to be.

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Given Anthony has always been an indifferent defender, it's difficult to make a statistical case that he's still a top-50 player at this stage of his career.

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She seems rather on edge and sends me a text message at the time we're due to meet asking why I'm using the website.

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Was a single, lively, midlife woman a bit of a liability?

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Fortunately, I’m not the selfish type and am more than happy to share everything I’ve learned.

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Then the attacker redirects his victim to the real website as authenticated user.

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Nicholson is magnificent at showing us the profound confusion his character undergoes as he takes those much belated but faltering steps into adult maturity.

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Eventually, life as jacksonville florida speed dating a single man, i oral sex with partner.