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But if you want to stop being quiet around people, then you’ll have to learn to talk about nothing. (And I’m only joking a little bit here.) You’ve come to this article because you want to know what to say. Did you really believe people talk about stuff that actually matters? Maybe I’m a pessimist in this way, but most people aren’t even that intelligent. Most people’s problem is not thinking of something to say… Yet how many of those conversations do you think they remember?You want me to tell you some good things to talk about. The trap many shy people fall into is believing every conversation you have must be interesting and important.To be able to do this, you can’t be thinking 10 seconds into the future or 10 seconds into the past. If you don’t run through whatever you’re going to say in your head, how do you know what you’re actaully going to say? You just have to trust that over many years of conversations and hearing other people talk, you have enough experience to be able to come up with something appropriate to say automatically. You’ve been carefully thinking about what to say for so long, that just talking spontaneously will seem unnatural at first.Trust me, it’s much easier and it’s how most people talk.You don’t want to be lonely, but can’t ever imagine being part of such pointless conversations. They talk about their new cat, their vacation in Fiji and what someone else posted on Facebook.How can you add something interesting to a conversation that is about nothing? They just don’t know enough to be able to talk about fascinating subjects all the time. They talk about Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Obama, sports, music, makeup, celebrities and so on.

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These are all great things to do, and you should definitely do what you want to. They say almost nothing of substance and everyone else seems to love them for it. Maybe you’ve listened to some of those conversations. Most people spend many hours talking throughout the day.While YOU can barely keep a relatively interesting conversation going. And maybe you’ve considered that you don’t talk much because you have nothing in common with most people. They have many conversations with many different people.In the end, you can talk about interesting stuff, or “nothing.” Nothing is much easier. Maybe you’ve agreed with me so far in this article.You find most conversations pointless, so you would rather just so something different.

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The service focuses on the specific interests and desires of individuals in this particular chapter of their lives, honoring the freedom, wisdom, and appreciation for life that only comes with time. The People Media affiliate program connects consumers to a leader in niche dating and everyday nearly 20,000 new members join their sites. The Kiss No Frog affiliate program grants access to one of Germany’s largest live dating portals.

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Contrasting colors – a dark shirt over light pants, for example – provide a visual break and draw attention to the lines of your body, making you look even larger.

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