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That’s what I learnt from this season of Australian ‘Survivor’ anyway.

Link below: https://tessfarrywriter.com/2017/09/05/outwit-outplay-outlast-as-long-as-you-look-good-in-a-bikini/ #survivor #channel10 #outwit #outplay #outlast #outwitoutplayoutlast #australia #bikinibody #feminism #empowerment #tessfarrywriter - FYI: apparently the best way to survive on a desert island is to wear a bikini all of the time and bonus points if you look good in that bikini.

I was whining about how unfair it was that my parents divorced when I was young, that my dad remarried a woman I didn’t get along with and that that I was forced to grow up with her.

Again, taking personal responsibility does not mean that everything becomes your fault.Things like the justice system, and equal opportunity in the workplace, and in classrooms and workshops–these are all places where the construct of fairness needs to be in place in order for things to run smoothly and for all people to be protected and cared for.In my experience as a camp counselor, and teaching elementary school chess clubs, kids will get angry pretty fast if you don’t keep things fair in the classroom.Artist: Miller, Wiley Search ID:wmi100303High Res:1900x2497 pixels (unwatermarked)Tags:utopia, utopias, utopian, utopian society, utopian societies, cell, cells, mobile, mobiles, phone, phones, wifi, wi-fi, wifis, signal, signals, reception, receptions, technophobe, technophones, technophobia, modern technology, modern life, technophobic, spiritual journey, non sequitur Artist: Madden, Chris Search ID:cman444High Res:2983x3000 pixels (unwatermarked)Tags:utopia, utopian, distopia, distopian, restrictive, restrictions, restricted, by laws, bylaws, by-laws, 1984, orwellian, orwell, police state, state, oppressive, oppression, constrained, conformist, conformity, society, social, structure, sociology, tyranny, tyrannies Artist: Goddard, Clive Search ID:cgon114High Res:2200x1503 pixels (unwatermarked)Tags:garden, gardens, hedge, hedges, topiary, politics, utopia, dystopia, bird, birds, paradise, heaven, heavenly, hell, utopias, dystopias, create, creation, creations Artist: Madden, Chris Search ID:cman437High Res:2740x3000 pixels (unwatermarked)Tags:moon, world, one world, peace, harmony, movement, earth, earth day, common, experience, global, humanity, harmonious, shared, share, utopia, utopian, cooperation, communiality, conflict, conflict resolution, resolution, astronomy, astronomer, astronomers, world peace, peaceful Artist: Pettinger, E. 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Neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky constructed a reproductive spectrum with opposite poles being tournament species, in which males compete fiercely for reproductive privileges with females, and pair bond arrangements, in which a male and female will bond for life.