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AMY: (shaking her head in disbelief) So where are we this time? He whips out his sonic screwdriver and points it at the panel. They walk down an empty corridor leading off from the room they were just in. A tightly fitting corset is put around AMY's waist, accentuating her hourglass figure, her boobs spilling over. AMY's face displays a look of horror as the conveyor belt moves towards a new section. If I had Welsh parents I guess I'd call it charity work too. According to this it is roughly 3235 AD, and we're currently orbiting within the Phry solar system. THE DOCTOR puts on his reading glasses and peers into the control panel. AMY once again shakes her head in disbelief as she follows THE DOCTOR through the set of doors he has just opened. Immobile and gagged, AMY is powerless to the rest of the machine's actions. He runs by a door, stops, retreats, and tries the sonic screwdriver on the lock. INTERCOM: Stage 2: Slave garment and attire attachment. Before AMY can protest she is quickly raised up and her arms are slid into an armbinder. AMY erupts in waves of pleasure, and then collapses back, passing out from the intensity. As he runs through the different sections of the ship he is unable to see any personnel, or anyone for that matter. Her hair is in a ponytail and protruding from the latex that covered most of her head, apart from her face.A buzzing noise is heard between AMY's legs as her vibrator comes to life. THE DOCTOR unlocks the cage and helps Amy out of it, grinning at his sexy assistant's body the entire time. All the dommes had their slaves out on parade, and I got chatting to a few of them. You see we intend for our guests to stay a minimum of a week with us, so we often place our chastity belts on a timer setting. You won't be able to get that belt off for at least a week. You may need to pick up an enema kit from our shop on the way out however. Lots of fun ideas that never quite get breathing room.With her arms tied behind her back AMY is unable to do anything about the intruder and soon she is rocking against her confinements with the motion of the vibrator. As compensation you two are free to use this playroom for the remainder of the day. The Dominatrix exits, leaving THE DOCTOR standing in front of AMY's cage, smirking. Are you going to let me out of this damn cage any time soon? I could go back in TARDIS and grab Rory and bring him here. After some time AMY re-emerges, out of her bonds, but with an irritated look on her face. AMY: You were doing all this while I was trapped here!? I needed to chat with the fine women to find out where you were. AMY: I can't get this ruddy chastity belt off of me. Still, I look forward to more fun stuff from this author (yes?

AMY is shocked to see standing in front of her a tall dominatrix, scantily dressed, with whip in hand. THE DOCTOR is left standing in the middle of the playroom, with the remote in hand, and a grin on his face.

Let me go right now or-The dominatrix shoves the ball-gag back into AMY's mouth and walks around to AMY's rear, grabs the pump, and pumps up AMY's butt plug a few times. The dominatrix walks back around and looks her straight in the face. These include stories that feature (but not limited to) murder, violent snuff, and under-age characters.

DOMINATRIX: Now, another sound from you and that plug is getting a few more squeezes. She then turns around and walks away, clicking a remote over her shoulder in the process. While I was looking for you I stumbled across what I guess you could call the display room. DOMINATRIX: Don't worry, the belt is designed to allow you to still be able to perform your, 'bodily functions'. If you feel this story needs to be re-evaluated you can report it here. A fun, silly little story, and the Doctor was perfect, but I agree with the commenters that said it was far too abrupt.

Just before the dominatrix hit AMY's exposed ass cheek THE DOCTOR burst into the room.

Author's Note: This is result of a collaborative effort between me and mrhungry. Part 1She read the advertisement for the hundredth time. Amanda appraised the man she had come to meet as he sat at the hotel bar, unaware of her presence.

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It also has a scanning tool to find possible threats to your security.

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was a quiz that Miranda Lambert took and revealed some interesting personal information.

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Changes from Holmes on Homes include decreased emphasis on Mike Holmes during the construction process, as crew supervisor Damon Bennett (who has held the title since season 6 of Holmes on Homes) takes control of most of the construction activity (deferring to Mike only on major decisions); Damon is also present in front of the camera for meetings with the homeowners (unlike Holmes on Homes, where only Mike appears).

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Mind you, in every action there is always a consequence for that action so just be very,very sure if you want to earn online income in this way.

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Ideal picnic spot accessible by boat from here is Pathiramanal (Midnight Sands) a lonely island in the lake.

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But even if they offer me a freebie, I AIN’T going back.

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“You have to be really clear on what you want,” says Lindsay Chrisler, a professional dating coach based in Hell’s Kitchen. “Everything goes down over text now, especially between millennials,” Manley says.

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