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As such, it employs an analytic method, which means that the elements of this theory are not based on hypothesis but on empirical discovery.By observing natural processes, we understand their general characteristics, devise mathematical models to describe what we observed, and by analytical means we deduce the necessary conditions that have to be satisfied.The solutions of the field equations are metric tensors which define the topology of the spacetime and how objects move inertially.Einstein stated that the theory of relativity belongs to a class of "principle-theories".As astronomical phenomena were discovered, such as quasars (1963), the 3-kelvin microwave background radiation (1965), pulsars (1967), and the first black hole candidates (1981), Special relativity is a theory of the structure of spacetime.It was introduced in Einstein's 1905 paper "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" (for the contributions of many other physicists see History of special relativity).It introduced concepts including spacetime as a unified entity of space and time, relativity of simultaneity, kinematic and gravitational time dilation, and length contraction.In the field of physics, relativity improved the science of elementary particles and their fundamental interactions, along with ushering in the nuclear age.

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Max Planck, Hermann Minkowski and others did subsequent work.The development of general relativity began with the equivalence principle, under which the states of accelerated motion and being at rest in a gravitational field (for example, when standing on the surface of the Earth) are physically identical.The upshot of this is that free fall is inertial motion: an object in free fall is falling because that is how objects move when there is no force being exerted on them, instead of this being due to the force of gravity as is the case in classical mechanics.Einstein developed general relativity between 19, with contributions by many others after 1915.The final form of general relativity was published in 1916.) used in 1906 by Planck, who emphasized how the theory uses the principle of relativity.

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They all use water, CO2, and light, and they produce fixed carbon and oxygen. Appreciable photosynthesis would not be expected on the Shroud, because historically it was stored dry in a dark place.