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Only one site in our list, (“dicks”) contained keywords which may have triggered the “pornography” categorization. This site advocates abstinence for teenagers, and contains numerous instances of the words “sex” and “oral sex,” mostly in close proximity of the word “teen.” (However, we also note that the same website is reachable by the URL and this URL is categorized by Blue Coat (accurately) as “Charitable Organizations and Sex Education.” This counts as evidence against the notion that the URL

(The latter site does in fact reference the humorous use of the word “dick,” although it is also the site owner’s first name.) Several other sites in our list contained content on the front page that may have caused Blue Coat’s system to categorize the site as “pornography:” This website quotes these statistics on the front page: “A growing variety of sexual behaviour is being practiced by teens 15- to 19-year-old, a study by Urban Institute shows:- 53% admit to masturbating. Purity was blacklisted solely because of the keywords on the front page.

Some were obvious errors, and others were “borderline cases,” where the site contained no true pornography but it is plausible that a reviewer might have mistakenly applied the label after finding the site’s contents to be “inappropriate.” Blue Coat’s site lookup form gives their working definition of “pornography:” None of the sites we counted as “errors,” contained any material that we could find which fit that definition.

While Blue Coat’s site lookup form does not give a reason for the categorization of particular sites, there were some sites for which we could infer a possible reason for the miscategorization. – Kids perceive oral and anal sex as ‘not really sex’ and often as part of abstinence.”Carolyn Gargaro’s website, “Home of a Conservative Female,” has a link to pages of “cam” (i.e. Webcam photos are so commonly found on pornographic websites that the term “cam” may have triggered a keyword filter, although Gargaro’s photos are exclusively non-pornographic pictures of her sitting at her desk.

On any network where the software is installed and configured to block sites categorized as “pornography,” users will be denied access to such sites.

The company was previously the subject of an in-depth report published by the Citizen Lab in January 2013, describing the use of Blue Coat devices in Syria and Burma for mandatory country-wide Internet censorship.

On the other hand, it is possible that Blue Coat’s crawler visited the URLs

Purity and different times, and in the interim had changed its threshold for categorized a site as “pornography,” which could possibly lead to one URL being categorized as “pornography” but not the other.)This website is titled “Porn Recovery UK” and is categorized by Blue Coat as “pornography.” (On the other hand, the actual website which appears to be run by the same organization but contains different content, is categorized by Blue Coat as “health.”)neo advertises itself as a maker of emulators for “dongles.” (The word “dongle,” which appears twenty-two times on the neo homepage, has never actually entered popular usage as anatomical slang, but the suggestiveness of the word has often been employed for humour.)Meanwhile, there are a few sites in our sample categorized by Blue Coat as “pornography”, whose content is not pornographic, but may have been considered sufficiently “questionable” that it’s plausible that a human reviewer may have miscategorized it: According to the site, “Dicks of America is an organization dedicated to making Dick the most beloved name in America – if not the world!

After identifying a subset of URLs classified by Blue Coat as “pornography,” we reviewed the site contents to identify classifications that appeared to be errors.Several dozen other Blue Coat installations were found in 19 “countries of interest” that were known to have a history of Internet censorship and human rights violations, such as China, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.As discussed in the report, it is not currently against US law for American companies to sell censorship software to foreign governments, although the practice is controversial. Blue Coat claimed that the products had been bought by an entity in Dubai and re-sold to ISPs in Syria without Blue Coat’s knowledge.The classifications are current as of this writing; Blue Coat may change the categorization of these sites in the future. (Interestingly, several other domains in our sample also redirect to this site, all of which were also categorized by Blue Coat as “pornography”: and Since we tested only a small subset of all domains, we can infer that there are probably many other domains which also redirect to which are also categorized as “pornography.”)Get Help Get Active is a charity aiming to help people “suffering from a mind-based habit of low self-exertion.” (This site was categorized as “Pornography” when we first checked it on December 29, 2013, but had been re-categorized as “Adult/Mature Content” when we re-checked it for the screen capture on February 12, 2014—even though neither category makes sense for the site’s content.)An experimental visual and performance art project.

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video game sequel, James Bond movie, or Batman comic.

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Lauren Kay, co-founder of the Dating Ring, says it is a bit of a chicken or egg situation.

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although fossil evidence suggests similar species were much more widespread millions of years ago.

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After attending Palisades High School, London was home schooled, giving her time to audition for films, music videos and commercials.